Reminder of upcoming events

The June meeting for Upcounty Action will be held on Saturday June 21st at 2:00pm. Place to be announced. Volunteer hosts would be welcomed. This meeting is just before the Primary so election discussions and current events will be on the agenda.

Please remember to vote in the Primary on June 24th or choose early voting stating June 12th through the 19th.
Check here for sites:

Also SAVE THE DATE – Our 8th annual Upcounty Action picnic is scheduled for Saturday July 26th at 3:00pm, so mark your calendars. Once again Jo Jean and Bill Earley have volunteered to host at their lovely home in Derwood MD. We will meet at 3:00pm for this special event. As usual we’ll supply hamburgers and hot dogs as well as veggie burgers and ask our members and friends to bring pot luck for salads, drinks, veggies and desserts. Details and directions will be posted in July.

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