Pesticide bill watered down

Very disappointed in the T & E Committee of the Montgomery County Council. Chair Roger Berliner and member Nancy Floreen banded together to water down the modest bill proposed by Council President Leventhal and passed a meaningless bill. I hope that the amendments proposed by Council member Hucker will address some of the deficiencies. Please let the full council know if you disapprove of the weakened bill. Upcounty Action and much of Montgomery County supports the original proposal. Reports were that approval was 3-1 in favor.

Many of the pesticides are endocrine disruptors and contain carcinogens or their pre-cursors.  The EU has banned many of the chemicals found in Roundup.  There must be other options for us to use. Maryland is already above the national average for incidence of and mortality for Breast Cancer.  Let’s work to improve this picture. Council contact information is below.


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