Upcounty Action meets October 17th at 2:00pm

Upcounty Action will meet at the Olney Panera. The restaurant is in the Shopping Center along 108 east of Georgia Avenue in Olney.
Please join us, pick up lunch or a snack and bring your ideas.

We will have a lot to discuss. The pesticide bill passed, but more issues remain to have review.

1. Review of pesticide passage – some question whether CE will sign?
2. Change of early voting polling places protested by Democrats
3. Paid sick leave for county employees to be effective next October
4. ITA discussions continue for county transit plans
5. County school populations majority Hispanic in lower grades; few faculty are Hispanic
6. County delegations to hold hearings on November 18th – Road Show October 22nd
Next meeting is on November 21st.

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