Upcounty Action Meets February 20

Please join us at our next meeting in Olney.
We will meet at the Panera in Olney in Fair Hill Plaza from 2:00 – 4:30 pm. Please come – pick up a beverage or lunch and join us for an informed discussion on the topics below,


1. Board of Education – Superintendent choice – upcoming primary races
2. County Executive holds budget discussions, reductions to come in education budget? Revenues and CIP issues
3. County Council hearings for CIP to start – which projects will be delayed? Montgomery Village Golf Course Master Plan and Westbard reorganization stir emotions Rockville City annexes Car Max property near SG Metro
4. District 14 changes in Annapolis – Craig Zucker, Pam Queen
5. Primary races for Congressional District 8 heat up – 8 Dems and 4 Reps vie for selection
6. Police officer death brings attention to weak DUI laws in MD
7. General Assembly overrides Governor vetoes – Hogan encourages defeat of those who supported rights for felons


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