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Recently Upcounty Action lost our long term Treasurer, Bill Earley who had served for many years. Bill battled against cancer for some time, but continued to be an active participant.

We have made a contribution to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation to honor his memory.  If you are a member or friend to Upcounty Action, you did know Bill as he and his wife, JoJean hosted our annual picnic for many of the last 10 years.  The donation form to make a contribution is in the link below.


Chesapeake Bay Foundation
Attn: Membership Department
6 Herndon Avenue
Annapolis, MD 21403

Our March meeting did not seem the same without Bill and JoJean and they will be missed. However, we had vigorous discussions about several issues in the county.  The County Executive just released his budget proposals.  Funding from the state and Federal governments for several of our transportation and transit issues are possibly delayed, so we will be keeping an eye on any decisions in this arena. In the county and state, increases in the minimum wage and expansion of paid sick leave are two major employee benefit concerns being discussed.

Environmentally, we are happy that the legislature has moved to ban fracking – and the Governor has signed on since it passed with a veto proof margin – and some say – so that residents will not petition this to a referendum!  We have long supported this ban. Upcounty Action continues to state our objections to the road called M-83 by some and all suggested alternative road options. This group is supporting TAME in its continued and well founded environmental, economic and societal objections to this unnecessary road, parkway or alternative suggestions, regardless of what it is called.

Our next meeting will be held on Saturday April 15th.  Hope that you can join us.  We will be looking at applications for Planning Board vacancies during this meeting, among other agenda items.

Sharon Dooley

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