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Upcounty Action moving forward

Recently Upcounty Action lost our long term Treasurer, Bill Earley who had served for many years. Bill battled against cancer for some time, but continued to be an active participant.

We have made a contribution to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation to honor his memory.  If you are a member or friend to Upcounty Action, you did know Bill as he and his wife, JoJean hosted our annual picnic for many of the last 10 years.  The donation form to make a contribution is in the link below.

Chesapeake Bay Foundation
Attn: Membership Department
6 Herndon Avenue
Annapolis, MD 21403

Our March meeting did not seem the same without Bill and JoJean and they will be missed. However, we had vigorous discussions about several issues in the county.  The County Executive just released his budget proposals.  Funding from the state and Federal governments for several of our transportation and transit issues are possibly delayed, so we will be keeping an eye on any decisions in this arena. In the county and state, increases in the minimum wage and expansion of paid sick leave are two major employee benefit concerns being discussed.

Environmentally, we are happy that the legislature has moved to ban fracking – and the Governor has signed on since it passed with a veto proof margin – and some say – so that residents will not petition this to a referendum!  We have long supported this ban. Upcounty Action continues to state our objections to the road called M-83 by some and all suggested alternative road options. This group is supporting TAME in its continued and well founded environmental, economic and societal objections to this unnecessary road, parkway or alternative suggestions, regardless of what it is called.

Our next meeting will be held on Saturday April 15th.  Hope that you can join us.  We will be looking at applications for Planning Board vacancies during this meeting, among other agenda items.

Sharon Dooley

Upcounty Action Meets February 20

Please join us at our next meeting in Olney.
We will meet at the Panera in Olney in Fair Hill Plaza from 2:00 – 4:30 pm. Please come – pick up a beverage or lunch and join us for an informed discussion on the topics below,


1. Board of Education – Superintendent choice – upcoming primary races
2. County Executive holds budget discussions, reductions to come in education budget? Revenues and CIP issues
3. County Council hearings for CIP to start – which projects will be delayed? Montgomery Village Golf Course Master Plan and Westbard reorganization stir emotions Rockville City annexes Car Max property near SG Metro
4. District 14 changes in Annapolis – Craig Zucker, Pam Queen
5. Primary races for Congressional District 8 heat up – 8 Dems and 4 Reps vie for selection
6. Police officer death brings attention to weak DUI laws in MD
7. General Assembly overrides Governor vetoes – Hogan encourages defeat of those who supported rights for felons


Upcounty Action meets today

Upcounty Action
Meeting November 21, 2015
Germantown Panera


1. County Executive delays request for Independent Transit Authority; Task force releases report
2. OLO releases report on county department head salaries
3. State legislators claim budget surplus; Gov. Hogan disagrees – holds school funds
4. Federal DOT releases funds to study pilot for Maglev train from DC to Baltimore
5. Controversy over early voting centers resolved for now
6. Should the county liquor stores regulations be changed by the state – 8 council members say no, claim revenues will suffer.
7. Organic farm field to be used for Solar Farm?
Remember breakfast December 16th

January meeting will be on the 23rd – place to be announced.

Upcounty Action meets October 17th at 2:00pm

Upcounty Action will meet at the Olney Panera. The restaurant is in the Shopping Center along 108 east of Georgia Avenue in Olney.
Please join us, pick up lunch or a snack and bring your ideas.

We will have a lot to discuss. The pesticide bill passed, but more issues remain to have review.

1. Review of pesticide passage – some question whether CE will sign?
2. Change of early voting polling places protested by Democrats
3. Paid sick leave for county employees to be effective next October
4. ITA discussions continue for county transit plans
5. County school populations majority Hispanic in lower grades; few faculty are Hispanic
6. County delegations to hold hearings on November 18th – Road Show October 22nd
Next meeting is on November 21st.

Pesticide bill watered down

Very disappointed in the T & E Committee of the Montgomery County Council. Chair Roger Berliner and member Nancy Floreen banded together to water down the modest bill proposed by Council President Leventhal and passed a meaningless bill. I hope that the amendments proposed by Council member Hucker will address some of the deficiencies. Please let the full council know if you disapprove of the weakened bill. Upcounty Action and much of Montgomery County supports the original proposal. Reports were that approval was 3-1 in favor.

Many of the pesticides are endocrine disruptors and contain carcinogens or their pre-cursors.  The EU has banned many of the chemicals found in Roundup.  There must be other options for us to use. Maryland is already above the national average for incidence of and mortality for Breast Cancer.  Let’s work to improve this picture. Council contact information is below.


Please join us at our annual picnic


Saturday August 1, 2015
3:00 pm ‘til 6:00pm

Come share our celebration of Nine Action filled yearsAt the home of Bill and JoJean Earley  17805 Hollingsworth Drive, Derwood, 20855

Please bring some food to share –If your Last names are:A-H: desserts, chips, dips, veggies

I –N: Salad, Beans or fruit  O-Z: Paper cups, plates, utensils, Beverages and ice.

Burgers – (meat and veggie ) & hotdogs/buns -provided & cooked by volunteers!

Please come rain or shine; either way we’ll be fine!!

RSVP – (so we’ll have enough food) by July 25th

Please bring a friend or two – our discussions are always engaging

Email: or leave a message 301-260-2753

Friend us on Face book or visit

Upcounty Action meets March 21st

Reminder: the next meeting of Upcounty Action is tomorrow March 21, 2015! We will meet at the Olney Library at 2:30 pm.
We will serve light refreshments. We have a full agenda – will discuss state and local budget proposals, the pesticide bill, Ten Mile Creek, M-83, proposed changes for state pension funding and other important issues.
Do come and share your knowledge!

Hope to see you!


Upcounty Action meets Saturday Feb 21st

Please join Upcounty Action on Saturday February 21st at 2:00 pm when we meet to discuss several issues before our local and state government. Issues for consideration will include the budget at the state and county levels, the recent dismissal of the school superintendent, the pesticide bill, transportation measures and bills which support sick leave for workers and attempts at voter suppression. Full agenda and meeting place TBA.

Upcounty Action meets Jan 24th

Upcounty Action will meet Saturday January 24th at 2:00 PM in the Panera in Germantown near the Wegmans.  Please come early and pick up lunch or a snack if you wish.  I will try to get there early and reserve the large meeting table.
The address is: 20680 Seneca Meadows Parkway, Germantown, MD 20876
There are many issues at hand now as the new Council, new Governor and recently elected state Assembly members are all getting ready to address important proposed measures with reduced finances.   The County Executive is already holding talks about his budget proposals.  The new Governor-elect seemed reluctant to commit many financial resources to Montgomery County when he spoke here in December.Will the Purple Line get approval for the go ahead final planning phases?  What will happen with the CCT and the plans for BRT?  We have over 400 temporary classrooms; will there be state dollars for new schools or classrooms?
The Council has been on hiatus; the legislature is just being sworn in and the new Governor does not take office until January 21st.  He has to present a budget and will most likely use the budget worked out by the O’Malley administration.  So we already have a lot of items to review.  So I will look forward to hearing from you about suggestions for the agenda – I will send it out the week of the meeting.  Please bring others with you and do let me know if you will be able to join us.   Thanks again for all of your support in 2014 and all of the years since we started back in 2006.
Try to stay warm, think Spring!
Sharon Dooley

Upcounty Action Meeting Nov15th at 2:00pm

Join Upcounty Action as it holds its monthly meeting at the Dayspring Retreat Center in Germantown. 1301 Neelsville Church Road at the Farmhouse
We have the following issues on our agenda:

1. Election results discussion
2, Poor turnout drives discussion
3. Transportation priorities at the state level?
4, School Board holiday decision causes consternation
5. Incoming Council President changes committee assignments
6. UCAB discusses Ag Reserve Future
7. Department heads to retire as CE Leggett enters third term

Do bring a friend and join us.