Welcome to the Upcounty Action site.

It is hoped you stopped by to learn more about us or –
even better – to join with us because you have appreciated our
efforts on behalf of the Upcounty area of Montgomery County. Please
look at our calendar of meetings and join us at one soon. We know the ag reserve and communities in the county will continue to grow and change; we intend to be a part of the dialogue and decision making in these processes. We need your ears, eyes and voices to assist us in these pursuits. Do let us know what is happening in your neighborhoods, at your child’s school or your nearby park. Is your local shopping strip looking at a remodeling?  Want to influence that process? Together we can look at preserving our true forests, keeping our streams clean and our air clear. We can encourage green growth projects and communities built for walking and tele-commuting to lessen our traffic. We can work with business, educators and innovators to select better options for our future.

As a group we can have a stronger voice with which we can address
transportation and development proposals. Because we are not tied
to a single community as a homeowners group is, we can see around the corners and work to unite those whom opposing interests might have set against each other. We are not anti-business or anti-growth:   we believe in a deliberate process where everyone has a seat at the table and all perspectives are adequately considered. When the community speaks with a unified voice – we all benefit.

We also welcome new voices, additonal ideas and energies as we move
into our second year. All of those pioneers who attended our first
meeting should step up and applaud their efforts as we have many
accomplishments to celebrate already. We made recommendations
to the County Council on Planning Board selections and will do so again soon when the new members are chosen. We have addressed matters in zoning laws and on the growth, transportation and tree policies. The group has had mention in the Gazette and is continuing to grow. Please come, learn, advocate and grow with us!


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